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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Attra Infotech Interview Questions | Placement Papers

Attra is an IT solutions and services delivery firm with its focus on banking, finance and payments industry. We provide a broad range of IT services which include Consultancy, Application Management, Independent Testing, Portfolio Migration, Production Support and Integration. We address the changing needs of business with solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, quick to deploy and reliable.

 Here is a List of Question You can Face in Attra Infotech Interview For the Post of Associate Engineer

Technical Questions:-
Introduce yourself?
What are your Technical Strengths?
Who is Father of C/C++/java?
What is Difference between C, C++ & Java?
Why C is Still Preferred in Operating System?
Write a Program to Reverse a String?
Write a Program to covert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
What is difference between DBMS & RDBMS?
What are Triggers?
What are wild cards?
What are open source Software?
What is OSI Model?
How it is different from TCP/IP Model?
What is Alpha Testing?
What is SRS?
What is WaterFall Model?
What are Deadlocks?
What is Transaction?
What are the Advancement in Memory Storage in Last 5 years?

Tell me about Your Self?
What are your weakness and Strengths?
Why Attra Infotech?
Wha you have read about Attra Infotech from Internet?
Do you know about Bond with us?
Are you Ready to Sign 36 Month Bond With our Company?
Do you want to ask any Question?

Infosys Technical Interview Questions 2013 | Interview Process 2013

Here is a List of 19 most common Asked questions in Infosys Interview Process


Some Commonly Asked Programs are:-
Write a Program to Reverse a Number?
Write a Program to Reverse a String?
Write a Program to Calculate the Factorial of a Number using Recursive Function?
Write a Program to Swap 2 numbers without using 3rd variable?
Write a Program to convert number into binary number?
Write a Program to check the Palindrome of a Number/String?
Write a Program to check whether a number is Prime or not?

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