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Friday, 8 March 2013

Entrayn Off-campus Placement for BE/BTECH 2012


Name of Company:-Entrayn
Date of Drive:-17 March 2013
Last Date to Apply:-12 March 2013
Post Offered:-Software Engineer
Package:-3.2 Lakhs
Qualification:-BTECH 2012 passouts
Skills:-Good coding Skills
Location:-Chennai,Tamil Nadu




Word List

  1. Cute
  2. Knowledge
  3. Kill
  4. Uniform
  5. Ignorance

Student A

  • Cuteness is simplicity.
  • Knowledge is growth.
  • Kill your negativity.
  • Uniform is unique form of dress.
  • Ignorance is patience inside you.

Student B

  • Small children looks very cute.
  • Knowledge is gained with experience.
  • Five kills are necessary to become a fighter ace.
  • Uniform signifies responsibilities and dedication.
  • Poor people must not be seen with ignorance.

Student C

  • Child's cuteness is loved by all. 
  • Reading book enhances knowledge. 
  • Boiling water kills germs. 
  • Unique symbol of every organization. 
  • Ignorance regarding studies harms future.

Student D

  • Babies always look cute.
  • A little knowledge is very dangerous.
  • Army killed 5 terrorists in a operation.
  • Soldiers of Indian army wear olive green uniform.
  • In socialism type economy, no body faces ignorance in development.




Story 1

Ranjana living near sea shore while cooking noticed that weather is going bad and there is a chance of huge storm following heavy rain. she quickly stops cooking and goes to the near by people and informs about the disaster which may take place and seeking the telephone directory she calls disaster management office and informs about the change in climate and asks nearby living people to leave the place as soon as possible. As thought by Ranjana a huge storm and rain took place which results in the loss of property but due to the her presence of mind lives were saved.

Story 2

Lakshmi belongs to Bihar. She is Aangarwari lady .she works in Aanganwari . Due to heavy rain ,flood has arrived .there is water everywhere instead of that she Manage to save the cooking fuel ,while saving her earthen house and foods she didnt sleep well at night .In Flood she had lost domestic cow ,whom she loves very much and she is secondary source of money for her house.she is depressed very much and sad.she finds her all day but couldnt find her.Evening time she making food for family thinking for lost cow.she has faith that she will come to her home and praying to god,suddenly his husband comes to home with cow,then she turn from the cooking area with enthusiasm and thanks to god.

Story 3

Anant was a student of environmental engineer. He belongs to a village in his village people used to burn chulha and this causing many problems to environment as well as health of women and children so he decided to start campaign to aware people for biomass ,gober gas etc.he inform people about govt policy for it through panchayat people take interest now each house has his own gas free chulha n the forest area also saved he is satisfied with his work.

Story 4

Ramabai belongs to Ramametri coastal area prone to Tsunami . recently her village faced one heavy Tsunami and many people of her village lost their home .She decided to approach the district government to take immediate relief for those who lost their homes in flood and demanded medical aid to the needy one and also help them in providing the permanent houses so that in future they are capable enough to protect themselves and at the same time she also demanded for training programs to protect from such disaster which were very frequent in that area .Immediate response that village got from the govt side and govt also started disaster management programs .

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