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Friday, 28 December 2012

Newgen Technical Interview Questions 2013 | Newgen Interview

Technical Interview:-

1.Which is your favourite programming language?
2.What is difference between C and C++ and Java?
3.What are Threads in JAVA?
4.What is deadlocks in Java?
5.How can you prevent them?
6.What are applets?
7.Tell me about your major Project?
8.How you done Database connectivity in your program?
9.What is Normalization?
10.What is primary key?
11.How primary key is different from Unique Key?
12.Which version of DBMS you uses?
13.What are disadvantages of C language?
14.What are benefits of C Language?

HCL Technologies Technical Interview For Freshers 2013 | HCL Technologies Interview

Technical Interview:-

1.What is RDBMS?
2.How is different from DBMS?
3.What is difference between Primary Key and Unique Key?
4.What is Foreign Key?
5.What is Polymorphism in OOPS?
6.What is SDLC?
7.What is BlackBox testing?
8.Why it is done?
9.What is Beta version?
10.What are Kernels?
11.Write a program to covert a decimal number into Binary?
12.Tell me the latest IT innovation?

Accenture Technical Interview 2013 | Accenture Placement Questions 2013

Accenture Technical Interview 2013 | Accenture Placement Questions 2013

Accenture Technical Question

1.Tell Me about YourSelf?
2.Which is your Favourite Subject?
3.What are Properties of OOPS?
4.What is difference between OOPS and Procedural language?
5.What are applets in Java?
6.What is Hub?
7.What is Router?
8.What is waterfall Model?Explain in Brief?
9.Write a program to Reverse a String?
10.Write the Pseudo Code of Bubble Sort?

TCS 2013 Interview Questions | Technical,MR & HR Interview 2013

TCS placement process consists of following rounds:-
1.Written Exam
2.Technical Interview
3.HR+MR round

Technical Round:-

1.What is your favourite Subject?
2.Tell me who is known as father of C?
3.What is difference Between C and C++?
4.What makes java different from C and C++?
5.What is Wrapper Class in java?
6.What is the difference between Encapsulation and Polymorphism?
7.C is TopDown or Bottom Up?
8.Write a program to Print the following pattern
9.Write a program to swap two number without using Temporary Variable?

10.Write a program to Reverse a number?


1.Tell me about Your Strengths?
2.Tell me any weakness?
3.What is your father?
4.What are your hobbies?
5.What is your biggest achievement?
6.Are you ready to reallocate?
7.Any questions you want to ask?

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